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How to cook...

The stuff the cookbook writers think you already know.

About the creators

This is the Media Cooks food related web site and contains the AWP Recipe Database a large and growing catalogue of recipes.

The idea behind this site is not only to provide recipes but also educate you in the very basics of cooking. The sort of things that many recipe books assume you already know.  The information we have presented here should give you a solid base to work from and allow you to explore the world of cooking with a better understanding of it.

As we felt there was very little on the very basics of cooking the site does not have very much advanced or fancy information, the recipe database does assume you have a general knowledge of cooking though. The database has basic to very complicated recipes for all levels of cooks, you can also submit your own recipes for inclusion.

The site has been designed by Colin Paterson a professional cook with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in New Media with over ten years of commercial cooking from bars and dinners to family dinning, fine dinning and catering service, Colin has done it all and currently works part time and doing private functions to keep the skills fresh. Agnes Paterson has   years of cooking experience from  just keeping the family fed to working in commercial kitchens. Agnes also holds a certificate in Bartending and has worked both as a bartender and a club manager. She brings with here with many years of cooking experience from both a home and commercial viewpoint.

They AWP team continues to work in the field by catering high end food for private functions and special events such as weddings and gallery openings.  

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All images used in this web site are © copyright Media Cooks and its licensors.

This site will continue to grow and new information will be added and old information will be updated or changed if necessary. There is a lot of information to present so be patient if you run into an area or section that doesn’t seem like it is finished it will be soon.

Thanks for your interest in our web site.

Please note this sites layout is some what similar to a cookbook and you may have to search though a page for the information you want. As the amount of information we try to present grows some pages can get a bit large, so take your time and browse the site and you may find a few hidden gems.