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Welcome to the AWP Links section. Here we have a number of other cooking and food related sites for you to visit, plus a few we just thought were interesting.


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Related Web Sites.

The Cook's Thesaurus -   A cooking encyclopedia that covers ingredients. Also gives substitutions for foods and information on kitchen tools.

The Epicentre - An encyclopedia of herbs and spices with their uses and sample recipes.


BBC - Food  - BBC television and radio food site.It contains recipes from the cooking shows it broadcasts and other information about food and cooking.

Free recipes - NineMSN -  This is a large Australian recipe site.

Food Network - The Food Network TV web site, full of interesting information and recipes. (Click here for the Canadian Food TV web site)


USDA National Nutrient Database - The USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory. Search for information on nutrient content of common foods.

Canadian Nutrient File - The Health Canada food and the nutrient web site with a searchable nutrient database.

New Zealand Nutrition Information Panel -  A New Zealand based food nutrition search engine.


Eat Well Live Well - A site about nutrition with recipe analyzer, meal trackers and more. The site is owned and maintained by Dietitians of Canada. FAQ - An on going document designed to help people who cook convert and understand recipes from various countries. (


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