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The stuff the cookbook writers think you already know.

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Cooking Methods (Moist Heat - Anything water or liquid based)

- Blanching Starting in cold water, bring food to a boil, opening pores to remove impurities and strong flavors. Then cool rapidly.

- Starting in hot water, bring food to a boil, closing pores to retain nutrients and odors. then Cool rapidly.

- Poaching   - Cook food in small amount of liquid without cover

                  - Cook food in a water bath without stirring

                  - Cook food in a double boiler without stirring

                  - Cook food immersed in liquid without a cover

- Boiling - To cook food submerged in boiling water.

- Steaming  - To cook food on a grate over steam with a cover

- Braising (Large pieces) - Cook food slowly at moderate temperatures with small amounts of liquid. Use a cover, done in oven. (minimum one third cover of  liquid; White sauce can not be braised.)

- Stewing  - As braising but with moderate amounts of liquid and smaller pieces of food.

- Poeler  - To cook food with a little butter, and its own juices, covered, at low heat. Remove cover, de glace, reduce liquid.

- Glacing  - Start with butter and cook food in very small amounts of liquid, by de glacing to create a thick glaze.


Cooking Methods (Dry Heat)

- Blanching  - In Hot Oil Used to precook food (130C \ 265F min)

- Deep Fat Frying  (Hot oil) -  Used to cook and brown food (160-180C \ 320-360F)

- Sauteing  - Small amount of Fat in frying pan

- Pan Frying  - Same as Saute but with moderate amount of fat

- Broiling  - Cooking food on a rack or grill with a heat source from below or above

- Grilling or BBQ - Cooking food on a rack or grill with a heat source from below.

- Gratinating  - To cook and\or brown food with heat from above

- Baking  - To cook on an a rack, tray or mould in an oven until brown and done

- Roasting  - To cook and brown food in small amounts of fat in a roasting pan in an oven. Basting required.

- Roasting on a spit - To cook food on a roasting spit at a low even heat from top, bottom, back or combination there of.

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