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Chiffonade = a thin slice, generally of green leaves, made by rolling the leaf up then slicing it to get a short strip.

Julienne =  1/10” thick by about 1 to 2 inches long

Matchstick = 1/8” x 1 - 2” inch

Baton = 1/4” x 1-2 inch


Sizes and Shapes

Recipes often call for ingredients to be cut into a specific sizes. There are a an unlimited number of shapes and sizes that you could cut food into. Sometimes it is for the presentation but often the size of the ingredient will affect its cooking.  To help create uniform sizes it is easier if you trim your ingredient, so it has four straight edges. Some ingredients are very hard to cut into specific shapes without leftover food.

Images are for reference and are not to scale.

Brunoise = 1/8” square

Dice = 1/4” square

Medium Dice == 1/2”square

Large Dice = 3/4” square

Mince= Very small chopped Less than an 1/8”

Fine Chop = Similar to a Brunoise or smaller and with irregular shapes although about the same sizes.

Coarse Chop =  from about 1/4-¾ inch like similar to dicing but the shapes are not uniform although similar in size.


Bias Cut = Cutting an ingredient at an angle.

Strips and Sticks

Slice = Cutting an ingredient into sections.

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